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There are currently over 200 members from throughout the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. Membership of the Group is by election and is open to all individuals who possess sufficient appropriate experience or qualifications relevant to, or who can show a constructive interest in, the science of analytical toxicology.

Note: all documents/forms necessary for new and existing members are available in the “Join LTG” and "Pay/Renew" sections. Any queries about membership should be sent to

Why Become a Member

The content of the LTG meetings is of benefit to any individual working in or with an appropriate interest in analytical toxicology. In addition, the opportunity to meet other colleagues can be useful for an exchange of ideas and improved communication.

Becoming a Member

To apply for membership please complete and submit the online application form. All applications must be supported by an existing member of the group. For acceptance the supporting member must be present at the business meeting when the application is presented to the group. Alternatively a statement in support of the application may be submitted in advance to the secretary. When neither criteria are fulfilled, the application will be deferred to the subsequent meeting.

Upon acceptance, members are able to freely attend LTG meetings (including the business meeting), can invite guests and can join the members only Linkedin discussion forum. They will also receive all relevant group communications. Members are also welcome to stand for positions on the executive committee when they arise. 

Membership fees are £30 per annum. The preferred payment method is standing order. For convenience a part completed standing order form has been supplied. Please complete this, using your name as the reference, and submit to your bank. It is also possible to pay on-line using Paypal, however please note that a transaction fee of £5 will be applied to all transactions processed in this way. Cheque and cash are no longer acceptable methods of payment.

Corporate and Associate Memberships

The LTG provides an opportunity for companies or commercial organisations to join the Group as Corporate or Associate members. Additionally the Group invites sponsorship of, and exhibition at, meetings.

The two tiers of membership are differentiated by the level of contribution with Corporate Members being £1100 and Associate being £550. The level of recognition and benefit differ accordingly. The membership packages are revised annually. To view the current membership packages please click here.

Membership is renewed on an annual basis and in common with ordinary membership, Corporate and Associate membership runs from April to March.

One meeting sponsor is invited per meeting. Meeting sponsorship cost differs depending on the exact format of the meeting (i.e. including/excluding workshop), and typically includes a 30 minute presentation slot at the start of the scientific session. Sponsors are kindly requested to provide a speaker and presentation in keeping with the theme of the meeting. Commercial presentations are strongly discouraged.

Due to space restrictions up to 3 table top exhibitions (including meeting sponsor) are possible per meeting. These are charged from £200 a time depending on the format of the meeting.

Calls for meeting sponsors and exhibitors are made after each meeting for the subsequent meeting.

The LTG relies heavily on the support of its sponsors, corporate and associate members, without whom the Group would cease to exist.

For more information about Corporate or Associate membership or about sponsoring or exhibiting at one of our meetings please e-mail the groups corporate liaison:

Visit the Sponsor page to see our current supporters.

Finding Members

The “contact list” is an active database of all current (paid) ordinary members of the LTG and Honorary Life members. Access to the list is strictly members only, so you have to be logged in. The list can be searched for a particular member by entering part of their name (first or surname) or part of their address. If you wish to browse the complete list, do not enter any name/address or click on the browse button.