Introduction to Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics

Introduction to Drug Disposition and PharmacokineticsThis book is intended to fill the gap between the treatment of the subject in standard pharmacological texts and the more advanced books of pharmacokinetics. The book is for those wishing or needing to study the topic in more depth than provided by most books of pharmacology. As an entry-level text to drug disposition and pharmacokinetics the reader is taken from basic concepts to a point where those who wish to will be able to perform pharmacokinetic calculations and be ready to read more advanced texts and research papers on the topic. There is a companion web site makes the book 'expandable' and a means to keep the information up to date. The basic text and equations are in the book whilst the web site has calculations and worked examples, many of which are based on the tables and figures from the book. Powerpoint slides of the figures can be downloaded from the web site.

The use of full-colour illustrations aids comprehension, whilst mathematical calculations, exercises and questions, are confined to the companion web site, making this an 'accessible' book for those relatively new to the topic. Many of the equations applicable to toxicology require little more than back of the envelope calculations.

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