The UK's new Psychoactive Substance Bill

The UK’s Psychoactive Substances Bill is currently making its way through Parliament.  There will undoubtedly be further modifications made, but its sweeping recommendations are causing quite a flurry of media commentary.

Find links below to the current bill and to several online news stories.

Psychoactive Substances Bill: download the current Bill here.

Psychoactive substances ban will 'end brain research' in Britain, experts warn
Damien Gayle
The Guardian; May 29, 2015
Link to story here.

Psychoactive Substances Bill: What's banned and how are they checked?
BBC Newsbeat; May 29, 2015
Link to story here.

Queen's Speech 2015: 'Legal Highs' Banned Under New Bill Covering 'New Generation Of Psychoactive Drugs'
Louise Ridley
Huffington Post United Kingdom; May 27, 2015
Link to story here.

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